Highland Cutting Board

$119.95 $129.95

Size: 23 x 17 x 1.5’’ (largest in the Sonder LA Family)

Weight: 13.5 lbs

Wood Family: Sustainably Sourced Teak

Best At: Large or labor intensive tasks. Due to my hefty construction and expansive surface, I can do just about anything and am not afraid to get either side of me dirty in the process. With a capacity of up to 5 oz, my juice groove side is ready and willing to keep your counters dry during any kind of liquid heavy endeavors such as cutting up big juicy fruits (lookin’ at you watermelon) or carving pieces of meat like brisket, ham, and turkey. My other side is completely flat, which is ideal when you need an uninterrupted surface for rolling out doughs and crusts or serving dry food and snacks like pizza, doughnuts, bagels, and the like. 

Special Skills: I am a BOSS at BBQ’s! I really impress when given the opportunity to carve and serve your ample grilled or smoked meats on me. Plus, you can use my built-in handles to bring me from the grill or smoker right to the table.

Likes: Cook-outs, large gatherings, hashing out new recipes, the Great British Bake Off, and regular spa treatments every 3 weeks (mineral oil or beeswax only, please!).

Dislikes: Dishwashers, baths, or anything involving submersion in water or steam, and serrated or electric carving knives, which can cause me to splinter. Also, the stove and my family are in a lifelong feud, so please don’t store me directly next to or on top of him; I just can’t stand the heat.

Safe & Non-Toxic: Free of BPA, phthalates, and formaldehyde.

Behind the Name: Highland by definition means, an elevated or mountainous land. Since I am the largest board in my family, my parents thought it would be a suitable name. It also happens to be a street in Los Angeles!

Care: Some maintenance. I’m great for first time board owners and advanced owners alike. I do require regular maintenance, but not as much as some of my siblings. For detailed care instructions click here.

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