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The Best Cutting Boards of 2024

Sonder LA's Winsome Cutting Board is an all-around winner, with several clever design features that make us want to pull it out for use every day. (Read More)
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The 7 Best Carving Boards of 2024, Tested and Reviewed 

One of our favorite design choices about this carving board is the three built-in compartments. They slide right out from the underside of the board and can hold your prep ingredients, allowing you to clear your workspace and keep things organized. (Read More)
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The 5 Best Wooden Cutting Boards of 2024 Will Have You Ditching Harmful Plastics For Good. 

If you’re looking for a cutting board that can double as decor, this is the board for you. Sonder Los Angeles has a wide range of high-quality wood cutting boards, but this gorgeous, sustainably-sourced teak board stands out for its unique round shape and overall appealing appearance. (Read More)
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I Never Thought I Could Love a Cutting Board This Much

The last thing I expected was to have strong feelings about a cutting board, but I absolutely love this board. I love it in the way that I genuinely get excited every time I use it (multiple times a day) and will wash it rather than reach for a clean one, which is saying a lot because I hate washing dishes.  (Read More)
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43 Best Hostess Gift Ideas for Every Budget 

When it's time to clean up after their dinner party, they will appreciate this nifty gift. It will keep their bread, bagels, muffins and more fresh for days. As a bonus, the lid can be used as a cutting board! (Read More)
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More People Are Ditching Their Plastic Cutting Boards and Going Back To Wood. 

Best wooden cutting boards, Sonder Los Angeles Acacia Wood Cutting Board. This thick, 1.5-inch board features a juice groove on one side and a cracker well for serving charcuterie on the other side. Side handles help make this board easier to lift. (Read More)
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23 Gifts That’ll Last Forever (or Extremely Close)

You can find a gorgeous, artisanal cutting board at any craft fair, but be prepared to spend a bundle. If someone in your life is in need of the kitchen essential, and you want to keep the price under control, try the Motley Cutting Board from Sonder Los Angeles... so it looks good enough to live on the counter full-time or to remain on display at a dinner party. (Read More)
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The 9 Best Cutting Boards of 2024

This board is a showstopper. It’s made from American walnut with decorative accents from cherry and oak wood. You may find yourself leaving this one on your counter, rather than placing it in a cabinet, just to show it off a little. (Read More)
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25 Cozy Gifts To Spoil the Special Men In Your Life

Wine night isn't complete without the Sonder Los Angeles End Grain Teak Wood Butcher Block Cutting Board, which will become their new favorite item in the kitchen.  (Read More
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The Best Expensive Gifts to Buy As a Group

But celebratory Champagne flutes, our all-time favorite (very spendy) wine glasses, a gorgeous wood cutting board, or one of Etsy's unique big-ticket ceramic pieces—those are a perfect gift for the happy couple.  (Read More)
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The 14 Best Cutting Boards To Max Out Your Home Kitchen Game, According to a Chef

Teak is known for its sturdiness, making it a great choice for carving meats and chopping veggies.  (Read More
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30 Things Just Begging To Be Added To Your House This Spring

A cutting board with a cracker well just begging to be the focus of all the attention during brunch with the besties. (Read More
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The Best Outdoor Cutting Boards for Your Backyard Kitchen or BBQ 

This board uses a particularly thick slab—and comes with a moat around the edge to collect any wayward juices—a great feature for both prepping food and carving the finished product. But perhaps what is most appealing about this model is its versatility and user-friendliness. (Read More)
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The Best Wooden Cutting Boards for Slicing, Dicing and Carving 

Not only is the striking board sure to brighten up your bench, with the proper care it’ll outlast most items in your kitchen. (Read More)
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The 6 Best Butcher Blocks for An Instant Kitchen Upgrade

This end-grain teak butcher block is my top choice for a cutting board because it packs a lot of functionality into a simple object, and it looks striking on the table. (Read More)
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The Sonder LA Motley Cutting Board Also Doubles As a Serving Platter

An attractive board that’s just as useful for serving as it is for cutting... the deep, rounded groove along one large end of the board offers plenty of possibilities. (Read More)
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This $15 Beautiful Cutting Board Is Resistant to Cuts, Nicks, & Scratches

The Sonder Los Angeles end grain cutting board boasts many features that will make your food prep easier. (Read More)
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The Absolute Best Cutting Boards You Can Buy on Amazon

The Sonder Los Angeles Winsome cutting board is as beautiful as it is practical. (Read More)
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The Best Cutting Boards for Your Kitchen

One of the most useful and versatile items in your kitchen. (Read More)
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