1 is the Loneliest Number - Why Single Piece Wood Cutting Boards Just Don’t Cut It


When it comes to safety, wood is the best material for a cutting board. But there can be some confusing information out here on the internet about which types of wood boards are the safest options. Unfortunately, some of this info doesn’t tell the whole story, which can lead to unexpected hazards. So allow us to help debunk some of the myths about wood cutting boards before you make a smarter investment in the safety of your kitchen. 

Safety First

Now that we all know how dangerous plastic boards can be for our health, we’re hesitant of anything that could possibly lead to chemicals getting into your food. After all, we’re here because wood boards are the safest surface for your health and the other tools in your kitchen (like those nice, sharp knives). But let's talk about adhesives – it's a hot topic when it comes to cutting boards. (This is where the debunking comes in.)

Most wood cutting boards are made up of several pieces of wood together by adhesives. These adhesives can cause concern, leading some to search for a board without any glue, just one large piece of wood to cut on. The idea of a cutting board made from a single large piece of wood seems like the best option; no glue = no adhesives. So why not offer a single piece board for those who may want it? We’re all about options, but single-piece cutting boards come with a fatal flaw you may not know about: they just don’t stand the test of time. And while we love variety, we’ll never sacrifice quality and durability in our products. Let’s get into the reasons why we’ve decided to leave single-piece boards out of our collection. Here's where our expertise truly shines.

The Loneliest Number...

Single-piece wood cutting boards turn out to be more style than substance. While they may exude rustic charm initially, they often fall short when it comes to long-term durability. When you use a cutting board, moisture from food prepping and washing the board causes the fibers within the wood to expand. If a few of the fibers within a piece of wood are expanded, this will cause the wood to change its shape, warp, and possibly crack. Meaning the larger the piece of wood, the more prone it is to uneven moisture absorption, which then leads to an uneven board. Making your cutting surface wobbly as you chop, and quickly turning your safe kitchen dreams into a frustrating reality. Cutting on a board that moves around while you’re trying to use it is far from the safety that we were hoping for from a single-piece wood board. Those nice sharp knives you were trying to protect are now dancing around an unstable board and I can think of at least 10 reasons why that could lead to disaster! Not exactly what you want from your trusty kitchen companion, right? The reality is that cutting boards made from several pieces of wood allow for more even moisture absorption, and less pressure on one particular piece. That's why our boards are constructed from carefully selected strips of premium wood, expertly bonded together for strength, flatness, and durability that lasts. 

We only ever use high-quality, food-safe glue that's free from formaldehyde and any other nasty chemicals. Utilizing the finest food-safe adhesives, meticulously selected and rigorously tested, we skillfully bond multiple wood pieces together with precision and care. The result? A cutting board that not only dazzles with its stunning aesthetics but also holds up over time, remaining steadfast and reliable through every chop, slice, and dice when cared for and maintained with regular oiling, every 3 weeks.

Because when it comes to our cutting boards, safety always comes first. By bonding multiple pieces of wood together, we create cutting boards that are not only stunning to look at but also built to last. Say goodbye to warping woes and hello to kitchen confidence, knowing your board can handle whatever you throw its way. 

After all, the more, the merrier, right!?

Think of it like a group of wood strips coming together to work as one piece, steadily guiding you through each meal you prepare - as a team! Crafted with precision and bound by food-safe adhesives, our boards are a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

And this commitment doesn’t stop with how the boards are constructed. We believe in letting the natural beauty of the wood grain shine through. No fancy stains or unnatural finishes here – just pure, organic wood grain that adds a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen decor. When you choose a cutting board from Sonder Los Angeles, you're not just adding a kitchen essential to your arsenal – you're making a statement. Trust us to deliver the perfect blend of style and substance, crafted with the expertise and your health and safety in mind.